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Who We Are

We're a Christian Church

At the heart of Christianity is the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He's the Lord, the King of us all. Amazingly we can know him as our friend, and through him we also see God the Father.

Jesus walked the earth some 2000 years ago and yet we can know and experience his presence today through God the Holy Spirit who is always with us.

The main symbol for Christianity is the Cross - this represents the death and resurrection of Christ. Through this we have forgiveness for all the bad things we've done and hope for a glorious future when Jesus will return to make everything right again. 

Music Sheets and a Cross
We're a Baptist Church

We're part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, a network of over 2000 churches, and more locally part of the Central Baptist Association.

As a Baptist church we baptise believers by fully immersing them in water (we dedicate babies but don't baptise them). Also we appoint pastor and deacons to lead the church, but those appointments, and all other important decisions are actually made at the church members' meeting, at which the members gather together to seek the mind of Christ. It's a congregational style of church government. 

We're part of the Worldwide Church

Even here in Welwyn Garden City there are a huge variety of Christian churches; although we differ in style and may 'agree to disagree' on some secondary issues, we are united in our faith in Jesus Christ.

We're delighted to work in collaboration with other Churches in WGC. We're also privileged to support and have personal links with missionaries serving in the Middle East, Nepal and France.


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