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Fellowship News                       October 2021


Our Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

Greetings and welcome to the October edition of the Howland’s Baptist Church Fellowship News. Thank you for the feedback on the Online & Recorded Sunday Church Service of the 12th September when I preached on The healing power of God.

Then on Sunday 19th September it was our first 'face to face' service in a long time. What a joy it was to be together to worship and praise God. It was clear we were all a little bit nervous, but that will change with time. We learned much from this service including a very important fact. Those speaking from the front need to remove their masks whilst speaking, to help those with hearing impairments, to enable them to see the speaker's mouth movements.  


We now have a schedule of fortnightly Online & Recorded Sunday Services, and monthly Face to Face Sunday Services, and will review this regularly.  We look forward to your feedback on all services and activities. The next Face to Face Sunday Service will be Sunday 17th October at 10:30 A.M.  The collection will be available should you wish to make a contribution to church funds.

The Leadership appreciate your assistance with the services, and are keen to do things a little differently. Rather than being tied to a rota or a number of rotas we will seek your help service by service. This should prevent people feeling tied to a specific task, with no way out.


We are now in a position to initiate working parties to complete jobs inside and outside of the church. It is good to work together on all manner of projects to the glory of God. We will need your support in this.  Whatever you feel able to do from the list of jobs we will be producing, it would be appreciated so please do volunteer. It will be fun working together.  We may even put some lunch on to feed the willing workers. We will give a rundown of the details of the first “Working Party” at Sunday’s Face to Face Service.


God bless and keep praying

Stuart and Elaine x

HBC Deacons





To access the fortnightly Sunday Services the information is needed:


  • follow the link to Sunday Service.

  • After service Zoom Home Café (I/D 845-025-6358 PW 873022).

  • The Howland’s Baptist Church Facebook page can be easily accessed. 



Jan Hedley, is coordinating our contribution to the food bank at New Zion.  Never has the need been greater to make a contribution to the local food bank, with increasing prices for food, and in particular, fuel and energy costs, starting to hit the family budget. Please give generously any items such as tins, and packets, and any food item that has a good shelf life. We will set up an area in the Church where these can be deposited (in time for the next Service) and  Jan will liaise with New Zion to ensure regular delivery.




  • Pray for our church leadership and the way ahead and to always seek the Lord’s guidance, to have courage to follow His path, whatever that may be.

  • Continue to pray for Lesley Ragg and her brother as they care for their parents.

  • Continue to pray for Gillian and Peter Myer and Gillian's Mum Joyce.

  • Pray for Adrianne Evers and her kidney stone issue and for Brian.

  • Annalisa Yeowell for her ongoing operations and for Nick and the children.


If you feel the need for us to pray as a fellowship for something in your life, a family member or neighbours life, please send a message requesting  The Prayer Chain by email or a phone call to Stuart on 07572871447 or On the Online Sunday Service if needed press the “I need a prayer button!” and we will get back to you.



Our prayer meetings are held on Wednesday’s at 8:00 P.M on Zoom. and on Saturday’s at 10:45 A.M also on Zoom.  Please do try to attend these, to spend time lifting each other up in prayer, for the big and little situations.

To join these Zoom Meetings or any other Howland’s Zoom meeting: These are the passcode and ID for all prayer meetings: ID:845-025-6358 Passcode: 873022.



If you are part of our fellowship family, but have not become an “official member” you may not understand the difference.  Being an official member gives you voting rights on the decisions made in the fellowship and if you wish to discuss this further please speak to the Deacons.



Among our fellowship there will be people who have not been baptised.  They may have been Christened as a child, that for clarity is not what I am referring to. Christening is a decision made for the child by their parents.  As a baptist church we generally do baptism by full immersion of the brother or sisters who have made this decision for themselves after careful reflection and prayer. There is no age  restriction, only that the church leaders are content that the person understands the commitment they are making. If you are concerned for any reason about being immersed we can baptise in other ways, by trickling the waters. But baptism by immersion is a wonderful experience that we would encourage.  If you would like to know more, please speak to the deacons.



Nina Rowley, has been supporting this group since its inception. She is now seeking support as her voluntary role has developed.  This involves being at the church building on Friday at 14:00 to book people in, take their money. Once this is done the person can go home or stay. It is up to them. If you feel you can help, to be of service please let Stuart know.



Fang’s House Group:

This is a group meeting fortnightly on Zoom. Meeting fortnightly on Thursday evenings at 8:00 P.M, the next scheduled Zoom meeting is on 21st October. Any enquiries contact Fang.


We take communion regularly at the online services, but what about you?  We could do communion or pray with you over the phone if you like, just let Stuart know in order that we can arrange a time.


If any other members have read something of interest or a specific part of the Bible that they feel is worth a deeper dive into or comment, please let us know. It’s great to get feedback on what people are reading to supplement their learning of the Christian message. If something has sparked your interest online it may appeal to others, therefore let us have the reference for others to investigate.


( Go online and take a look.


Go online and take a look.


Alex Gray is producing this Newsletter to keep all our church community informed and  engaged. Please let us know if you have anything you would like to add to the newsletter for the next monthly edition (October). You can send material for inclusion by email to or call him on tel: 07305 837272 .  


Alex Gray

Fellowship Newsletter Coordinator.


Stuart Soper Howland’s Baptist Church Coordinator   0757287144


Sermon - Prayer and the healing power of God

Following on from the previous Sermon’s, this time we look at Prayer and the healing power of God.  This Sermon is partly from the scriptures, and partly as a testimony of personal experience of the miraculous healing power of God, as witnessed within our church and fellowship, by the grace of God.

First let us come together in prayer:

“Father God, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit, as we gather together to worship and praise your Holy name.  We give thanks for your infinite mercy.  We ask that you give the right words for your people to hear, and that we may understand what we are being told.  Lord Jesus, we stand amazed, at the stories of the healing’s in your ministry more than two thousand years ago.  What is also amazing is the knowledge that this healing power continues to this day.  All praise to you mighty God our loving father Amen.”

Once again, we first reflect on previous sermons: Distraction; The Armour of God; Having ears to hear God and most recently Love.  The subject for today connects to all those previously preached.

“The words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own authority; but the father who dwells in me does the works.” John 14:10.

In the book of Acts, the apostle Peter presented the earthly ministry of Jesus, in one beautiful thought, in one succinct verse: “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.”

As I have said previously those acts of healing which Jesus Christ set in motion, and the apostles and others followers continued as they set out on their journey’s in the Holy Lands and beyond.

I wish to share in a little more detail what happened to me a few years ago, by way of a testimony.

Having sold my home in Shoeburyness Essex, I set about travelling in my motorhome around the United Kingdom, with the purpose of seeking God’s word as to what he would have me do with the rest of my life.  A life which I had tried to end in mid-2010, I had had enough of the pain and repeated infections, it was my way out!  But Father God clearly had other ideas, stopping me in my tracks.  I had walked away from God twenty years before and amazingly he had been patiently awaiting my return.  Like the Prodigal Son I returned and felt so welcome, forgiven, and washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I had been attending Howland’s Baptist Church on and off since 2011.  I never really understood why I had this compunction to repeatedly return to Welwyn Garden City, and more specifically Howland’s Baptist Church.  But time after time I would return from my travels to this place.

My health had taken a progressive turn for the worse since 1999 when I was bitten by a horrible spider.  In 2013, on one of my return visits to Commonswood Caravan and Motorhome Club Sites in Welwyn Garden City, I was struck by a massive Infection whilst in my motorhome.  Green Watch of Welwyn Fire and Rescue cut me free where I was airlifted after seven hours to hospital.  During the rescue and my initial two weeks in ICU I died a number of times.  I suffered, a massive infection, a shutting down of my kidney’s, loss of leg use, loss of sensation on the left side of my body, and dissociative amnesia. 

After almost a year in Queen Elizabeth and Lister Hospital’s,  I was to find myself using a wheelchair and needing help getting from my car to the church for services.

Three years ago Dan Foster asked me if I would like to go with him to a Healing Conference at Holy Trinity Church in London.  I accepted but the night before we were due to go we heard from the organisers advising us that the key speaker was snow bound in the U.S.A, and as a result we could have a complete refund.  Dan convinced me that we should go anyway and that we did.  That next morning, Saturday, we made our way by train to London, a journey which was unfortunately during the rush hour.  There was no vacant seating, there was no room for a wheelchair, I used two walking sticks and propped myself up against the train wall, alongside the automatic doors for the entire journey.  It was very uncomfortable.

Arriving in London Kings Cross, we travelled by taxi to HTC, I could not walk any further I was in great pain!  On arrival at HTC the loud praise music hit us, it was wonderful.  There were great speakers on healing and on impartation or giving others part of the healing you have received.

About 15:00 hours there was a call  for healing out front.  I struggled to get to the front with my sticks, the music was pounding away and I could not hear what the speakers were saying.  I was frustrated thus I returned to my seat.  I was so disappointed, thinking it had all been a complete waste of my time.

I was approached by a beautiful young Brazilian Woman who I later learned was called Elisa Kolln.  She had flown in from Venice, unaware why God wanted her to do this.  She just knew she had to come. Dan Foster at this time had disappeared to the little boys room.

‘Hello, my name is Elisa and I believe God has asked me to look at your legs,’ she said, ‘Would you mind?’

This was not something I was used to.  I was at the end of my teether, and having a return journey to look forward to, I would try anything.  But the truth was I had given up on the healing.

The time was about 17:15 hours.  Elisa and a few other women had surrounded me seated on my chair.  Elisa crouched on the floor placing my size 15 shoes in her tiny hands.  She prayed for a few minutes and then asked me to stand up.  Nothing had happened, the pain was through the roof!

‘Please stand, put your weight on your legs,’ she insisted.

‘Nothing has changed,’ I replied.

On her insistence I eventually stood and in an instant the pain had gone.  Not improved, not shifted to another part of the body – it had gone!

I was dancing and hugging Elisa and the other women, feeling euphoric.  That was when Dan Foster arrived back, he was bemused to see what was going on.

We exchanged details and we made our way from the building.  I was no longer using my walking sticks; I was not limping and there was no sense of pain whatsoever.  I ran down the staircase to the men's restroom, and then back up to join Dan Foster before we headed for the underground, and the over ground train back to Welwyn Garden City. 

Dan and I were buzzing, what had happened wasn’t anything less than a miracle. eighteen years of pain had gone.  God had intervened and had changed my life.  He had changed my life as surely as he had the blind, the lame, and leprous.  When we arrived at Dan’s home his wife Tanya was confused as I walked in unaided.

I kept thinking that this would end and the pain would return after we had eaten, but no it did not.  I got back home and, in the morning, there was still no pain.  There was great excitement at Howland’s, when Dan said, ‘Stuart and I went to London yesterday and I think he has something to tell you.’

Day passed; week went by.  I no longer used my walking sticks, my walking frame, or wheelchair as months became years.

It was only by this healing that I was able to assume the duties as a Deacon and to lead the church until we found another pastor.  Although I have my difficulties healthwise, I am once again in that role of leading the church as Church Coordinator fulfilling the duties of a Lay Pastor.  What a privilege it is to serve this way.

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