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About Us

Our motto is simply: 'Loving God, Loving People'. 

This means that... 

  • We believe God is loving in character (Exodus 34:6-7) and that he loves all he has made (John 3:16). 

  • As his church our purpose is to love him in return and to love other people too (Mark 12:29-31). 

So what does this mean in practice? We've come up with eight values; four

for 'loving God' and four for 'loving people':


Loving God 

  • Worship - lifting up God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with our praise.

  • Word - listening to God through his written word, the Bible.

  • Wait - looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance, equipping and renewal.

  • Walk - living lives that imitate Christ and following his example.


Loving People

  • Witness - letting others know about Jesus and sharing his love in action and word.

  • Wide vision - learning about God's world and sharing his concern for it.

  • Warm Welcome - loving, encouraging and accepting one another. 

  • Working Together - linking our gifts together to build up the Church.


The idea is that this represents following Jesus with our Whole Life

Meet Some of Us

I am originally from Ghana.  I have been attending Howlands with my family since 2013.  I am one of the Deacons and Junior Church Leaders.  Also a wife, mum of two girls and work full time in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Worshipping here has been blessing.  There is a great sense of unity, love, diversity and inclusion in the Church with sermons that encourage faith as a believer, following Jesus' example and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This inspires me, as part of a church family, where I can always partake freely in God's presence.

Our Pastor, Kathy Williamson retired from Howlands in January 2021 and we are currently looking for a new Pastor.  If you have any queries, or questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 

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